Carro’s back!

It was a long time since I posted here. I’ll from this day keep this blog in english since that’s more natural for me as I work with the english language every day at work.

This is an opportunity to get better at writing but also to have the opportunity to write whatever I want and however I want. This blog will from now on work like a playground for me as a journalist. I’ll write everything here; my personal life, esports, behind the scenes and more.

If you don’t know me, my name is Carolina “quiethell” Mårtensson and I’m the editor in chief of Team Property, an esports organisation based in Sweden. As an editor in chief I work with all media showed from the organisation, I’m managing the website and all content. Before I joined Team Property I worked/owned a news site that posted about different esports every day called eSportaren. If I had to pick one article I’m the most proud of from that time I wrote for eSportaren I would have picked my last one.

The last article I posted on the site was a interview with none other than the in-game leader of Fnatic Overwatch, Oliver “Vonethil” Lager. Why? Because It was the biggest interview I had done at that time according to me. It had everything; good questions, a fantastic player, managers in Fnatic that I had to pass through in order to talk with Vonethil – everything a aspiring journalist breath for. After that he became a friend of mine as well. When I joined Team Property everything was different from eSportaren. Since this is an organisation instead of an publication this means that I have to keep secrets instead of pulling them out of people in order to make people read my articles.

Today I know that I’m one of the best journalists in esports. I’m soon turning 20, and my life’s just about to begin.
But I’m ready for it, since I’m already feeling like I’m where I want to be.

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